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The Central Dauphin School District utilizes the MealsPlus Accounting System for the Cafeteria Services Program. All student account balances from the end of the 2013-2014 school year have been carried forward to the new system. The MealsPlus Cafeteria System utilizes the K12 Payment Center/Lunch Prepay.com module to bring school lunch into the age of technology. Using the secure site to make payments and monitor student accounts provides you the assurance of knowing where your money is going and how it is being spent. Using LunchPrepay.com will remove the stress that comes with making sure your student has cash for lunch. LunchPrepay.com is an easy, secure and convenient way to pay for lunch.


The K12 Payment Center/Lunch Prepay.com website was developed by Education Management Systems, Inc. a K-12 administrative software company headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina. Education Management Systems develops, distributes, and supports school accounting and food service management software in schools throughout the United States.


Lunch Prepay.com is the one-stop shop for automated school meal account management.

-Make meal payments on the internet using your credit card

-Check your child’s meal account balance

-Get low balance alerts by e-mail

-See what your child is buying


There is no fee to parents/guardians for using Lunch Prepay.com.

  • The user transaction fee to make payments will be covered by the Central Dauphin School District, Cafeteria Services Program.
  • The registration fee for a “premium” account has been waived and will show as “$0.00”. Choose this option for the ability to see your student’s transactions on line.
  • A minimum of $20.00 deposit to a student account is recommended for all transactions.
  • It typically takes less than a day from the time a parent/guardian registers until they can make a meal payment. Students must be verified before we can accept payments.
  • Generally, all meal payments are applied to your student’s meal account within 24 hours.

If parents prefer not to use the K12 Payment Center/Lunch Prepay.com system to deposit funds, money may be added to student accounts by sending cash, checks, or money order made payable to “Central Dauphin School District Cafeteria Fund” to school with your student. Please note, when paying by check or money order, please include your student’s name and account number within the memorandum line.


The student number requested in the K12 Payment Center/Lunch Prepay.com module needed to add a student is your student’s school identification number. This number has NOT changed from the previous school year. If you do not know your student’s id number, please contact the school building.


Please click the link below to access the K12 Payment Center/Lunch Prepay.com site:



If you have any questions regarding your student’s meal account or account access, please contact Jodi Polly, Cafeteria Services, at (717) 545-4703, extension 221.