Central Dauphin High School

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Quality to the Core

Course Description
This course is designed to be an introductory course into the Central Dauphin High School Technology Education program. It is designed to give students a glimpse into the three different areas of technology - manufacturing, graphics, and drafting - that are offered at the high school level. Basic graphic layout, sketching, shop techniques, and design fundamentals will be covered. This is a half-year course. A lab fee will be charged for supplies used in the class.
Course Objectives
- To develop proper lab safety techniques and practices. SAFETY IS OUR GOAL.
- To better understand how technology impacts our lives and works for and against us.
- To gain a better understanding what the design process is and how and why it works.
- To develop proper terminology that is used in a lab setting.
- To develop appropriate shop machinery skills and practices.
- To improve time management skills and meet required deadlines.
Class Rules
- Lav Policy - Students must ask permission to use the pass whether working in the lab or classroom.
- Tardies - Due to the extreme distance between classrooms, students will have no more than 2 extra minutes to
   arrive to class. After 2 minutes a tardy slip will be issued.
- Respect other people, property, and yourself.
- Be prepared for class. Students may not go to their lockers to get supplies.
- Lab Fee -$5.00 (This covers the cost of all supplies being used in the class.)
- Do not open the outside door for any reason except for emergency.
- NO tobacco products of any kind allowed in the shop.
- Swearing policy - Don’t Do It
Class Projects

Air Power Vehicles (APVs)
Hand Held Games
Hand Tool Sketches
Technology Timeline