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Quality to the Core

                     Mr. Wm. Etsweiler
Course Description
This course builds on the experiences of Engineering and Design I.  Students will develop their problem solving skills by completing an array of challenging tasks.  Manufacturing technology, woodworking technology, electronics, transportation technology, and other topics relevant to engineering, design, and manufacturing will be covered.  Engineering and technical careers will be discussed. 
Materials for the introductory project, the trebuchet project, and the electronics project will be provided at no cost to the students.
There are two expenses for which Engineering & Design II students are responsible, as indicated in the Course Catalog:

   1.  A lab fee -- to cover expendable items such as glue, sandpaper, and finishes:  $5.00

   2.  The cost of independent project materials, including lumber, hardware, and project-specific expenses:
      * This cost can vary, depending on the independent project and the type of material chosen.  It is possible to          spend as little as $15 on these items, although most students choose to spend more. 
      * The average price of materials selected for independent projects is about $45.  
      * The independent project is usually started in January.
  Course Objectives
  • Develop proper lab safety techniques and practices. SAFETY IS OUR GOAL.
  • Develop appropriate materials lab machinery skills and practices.
  • Research real life examples of engineering careers.
  • Develop proper terminology to use in a lab setting.
  • Develop problem solving skills.
  • Improve time management skills and meet required deadlines.
  • Receive safety instruction & evaluation.
  • Participate in classroom discussions.
  • Participate in group work.
  • Complete problem-solving tasks through practical applications.
  • Complete hands-on construction activities.
  • Complete activities to develop research, design, construction, testing, and evaluation skills.
  • Present oral reports and demonstrations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of core concepts through written, oral, and poster presentations.
  • Gain knowledge from guest speakers and videos.

Classroom Rules -- Rooms 903, 904 and 906

All CDHS Rules apply, with emphasis on the following:

  • Be on time; students who arrive after the second (5-minute) bell without a pass will be written up.
  • If class has started when you arrive, please enter quietly and do not interrupt.
  • Food and/or beverages are not permitted.
  • Respect the following:

               Other students

               Your teacher

               The School and School Property


  • Profanity is not appropriate and may result in a disciplinary referral.
  • Do not leave the room without permission.  Follow the proper procedures if you need to be excused.
  • You must get permission AND sign out to use the lavatory; have your planner signed also.
  • Do not leave the room until the passing bell rings.
  • Cell phones should be AWAY and SILENT in the lab; they may occasionally be used in the computer lab (Room 906) with permission.

Tentative Assignments for the year:
  • Machine Safety Handouts
  • Class Joinery Project        (materials provided)
  • Trebuchet Competition    (materials provided)
  • Independently-Selected Partnered Project  (students purchase materials)
  • Team Mass Production   (materials provided)
  • Exploring Electronics     (small project provided)
  • Engineering Careers