• Board of School Directors
    Central Dauphin School District is divided into three regions with each region representing a different geographical area. Three School Board Directors represent each region. School Board Directors are elected to a four-year term.

     Ford Thompson

     Eric Epstein

    Mr. Ford S. Thompson 
    Region 3, E-mail: fthompson@cdschools.org
    Term expires 2019
    Mr. Eric Epstein
    Region 2, E-mail: eepstein@cdschools.org
    Term expires 2021

    Jeanne Webster  

     Brian Faleshock

    Mrs. Jeanne Webster
    Region 1, E-mail: jwebster@cdschools.org
    Term expires 2021
    Mr. Brian Faleshock
    Region 1, E-mail: bfaleshock@cdschools.org
    Term expires 2021

     Cara Fickes

    Richard Mazzatesta

    Ms. Cara Fickes
    Region 2, E-mail: cfickes@cdschools.org
    Term expires 2019
    Mr. Richard Mazzatesta
    Region 2, E-mail: rmazzatesta@cdschools.org
    Term expires 2019

    William Roberts

     Stephen Smith

    Mr. William Roberts
    Region 1, E-mail: wroberts@cdschools.org
    Term expires 2019
    Mr. Stephen Smith
    Region 3, E-mail: ssmith@cdschools.org
    Term expires 2019

     Justin Warren   

    Mr. Justin Warren
    Region 3, E-mail: jwarren@cdschools.org
    Term expires 2021.

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