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Welcome to my Blender download page.
This is the home of the Blender Basics Classroom Tutorial Book. Blender Basics has helped introduce thousands of people to Blender- a powerful 3D modeling, animation and game development program. Blender is open-source developed and is free for all uses and ported to a variety of operating systems.

About Blender Basics:

The 1st edition of Blender Basics was
developed in 2004 for use in my own
classroom when there was little
documentation available for teaching Blender in a classroom. Chapters are
designed with focus on "just the basics"
to get students up-and-running as
quickly as possible with activities and
tips throughout the book.

The book is free to use however you
wish- print it, use it online...just please
follow the Creative Commons license

4th Edition
for version 2.5/2.6, pdf format 
(click to open, right-click to save)

Entire Book- 4th Edition

Individual Chapters:

Table of Contents 
Ch 1- The Blender Interface
Ch 2- Working with Viewports 
Ch 3- Creating/Editing Objects
Ch 4- Materials and Textures 
Ch 5- Setting up a World 
Ch 6- Lights and Cameras
Ch 7- Render Settings
Ch 8- Ray Tracing
Ch 9- Animation Basics
Ch 10- Adding Text
Ch 11- NURBS and Meta Shapes
Ch 12- Modifiers
Ch 13- Particle Systems
Ch 14- Child/Parent Relations
Ch 15- Working with Constraints
Ch 16- Armatures
Ch 17- Mesh Shape Keys
Ch 18- Object Physics
Ch 19- Working with Nodes
Ch 20- Springs, Screws, Gears
Ch 21- Game Engine Basics
Ch 22- Game Engine Textures 
Ch 23- Video Sequence Editor 
Highlighted Handouts: 

Basic Key Commands
Creating a Movie File

5th Edition
Coming Soon!
Early 2017
(Sorry for the Delay!) 
 New for 5th Edition:

Motion Tracking
Cycles Rendering
Alternate Activities
Academic Standards
Activity Reflections

Russian Version

Translated by Azovtzev Jury

Our Materials Library
(zipped file- 34 Megs)

2D Tree Library
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3D Tree Library

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