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Course Syllabus

Course 56426 - Design & Automation (formerly Technical Drawing 2)                                               

James B. Chronister

How does industry develop and test new products? How do we use computers to control machines and other devices? This class is developed for students planning to enter a technical or engineering career or those that just like computers and have an interest in "how do they do it?". Topics covered include a brief history of automation, careers in automation, portfolio development, 3D computer modeling, computer simulation, computer controlled manufacturing, robotics and presentations.

Juniors and Seniors only. No Prerequisite.



Grading Policy/Evaluation:

Students will be graded on equal parts of tests/quizzes, projects and computer applications. Because most of our work must be accomplished in the classroom, daily attendance and participation is extremely important. Daily participation grades will count for 25% of the marking period grade.


Design and Automation (56426)

Course Outline
(students and parents should visit the class Moodle for specific details)

 Course Orientation

·         Definitions and Uses

·         History and Evolution


                           Careers in Design and Automation

·         Careers related to Design and Automation

·         Resumes and Portfolios


                           Portfolio Process and Project Planning

·         The Portfolio Process

·         Project Planning


                           Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling

·         Part Modeling

·         Assemblies

·         Drawings


                           Computer Simulation

·         Finite Element Analysis

·         Motion Simulation

·         Animation



·         Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM)

·          Robotics and Control


                           Independent Projects

·         Project Planning and Documentation

·         Project Development


                           Technical Presentations

·         Documentation Preparation and Presentations