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Course Syllabus

Course 56706  - Computer Animation

James B. Chronister

Class Description


As we enter the 21st century, the use of the computer as a tool for precise computer applications will continue to evolve. Computer Animation (also known as Computer-Generated Imagery or CGI) utilizes 3D and 2D computer graphics in a variety of applications including films, advertisements and computer games. This course will examine the basics of 2D and 3D scene development, key frame animation, real-time animation, computer game logic and multimedia portfolios. Computer Animation is specifically related to computer arts, graphic design, technical and architectural design, historical re-creation, computer game development, multimedia presentations, animated films and commercial advertising.

For class details, download the Computer Animation Class Check Sheets HERE
Class Outline
(students and parents should visit the class Moodle for specific details)

Course Orientation Power Point Here

  • Definitions and Uses
  • History and Evolution
  • Programs and Options

Careers in Animation Power Point Here

  • Careers related to Animation
  • Resumes and Portfolios

Portfolio Process and Project Planning Power Point Here

  • The Portfolio Process
  • Project Planning

Two-Dimensional Animation Power Point Here

  • Key-Frame Animation Techniques
  • Pivot Animation
  • Flash Animation

Three-Dimensional Animation (page 31) Power Point Here

·         3D Modeling and Texturing

·         Animation Techniques and Considerations

·         Character Animation

Real-Time 3D Animation (page 40) Power Point Here

·         3D Physics (particles, fabric, water, forces)

·         Real-Time in Animated Clips

Two-Dimensional Game Logic (page 50) Power Point Here

·         Game Design Concepts

·         2D Game Design Concepts

·         2D Game Development

Three-Dimensional Game Logic (page 61)

·         3D Design Concepts

·         3D Game Design Components

·         3D Game Development

Independent Projects (page 72)

·         Project Planning and Documentation

·         Project Development

Technical Presentations (page 78)

·         Documentation Preparation

·         Final Presentation