*Most of this information is based on our in-school learning model, not remote!
                     WELCOME TO ROOM 112
    A Wonderful Welcome to First Grade. This is going to be an exciting year!
    Let's work together to ensure that each child has a successful, positive First Grade experience. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns about your child.
    My e-mail address is tmacfarlane@cdschools.org  email
    One of this year's goals is to set a pattern of responsibility that will aid your child in his or her future schooling. Some of these responsibilities include remembering:
    1) to bring their backpacks and their "Take Home Folders" to school daily
    2) to return all homework and stories to school
    3) to wear sneakers on gym day
    4) to bring library books each week
    5) to know their lunch choice for the day
    Homework consists of reviewing ALL the work enclosed in your child's
    "Take Home Folder" on a daily basis. Please complete math homework assignments that are sent home. There will be a few a week. Review reading their weekly sight word vocabulary daily in their Word Book, as needed.
    Enjoy reading stories sent home that we've read in class with your child.
    These stories reinforce our new weekly high-frequency words, and phonetic patterns. Reading with your child daily will instill in them a true love and passion for reading. They will also become more fluent, confident readers.
    If your child is absent from school, he/she must bring in a note signed by a parent or guardian upon returning to school. All absences will be marked "unexcused" if a note is not sent to school. The same policy applies for early dismissals and tardiness.
    Parents or guardians visiting the school for any reason, must report to the office upon arrival. 
    If you would like to volunteer in class for special events, you will need to get your PA clearance. 
    We will celebrate each child's birthday by singing to them in class.
    Mr. C will announce their birthday on the school intercom.
    They will receive a birthday certificate from both myself and Mr. C.
    The birthday policy has changed and treats may not be sent into the class for your child's birthday!
    Day 1- Music
    Day 2-Library
    Day 3-Computer
    Day 4
     Day 5- Art
    Our Daily Breaks:
    A.M. Class Bathroom Break: 11:05
    Specials: 11:25-12:05
    Lunch: 12:15-12:45
    P.M. Class Bathroom Break 12:45
    Recess: 2:30-3:00
    Google Classroom:
    Our Google Classroom is set up for this school year. (2023-2024)
    The Passwords and Usernames were sent by our School Administration to use when logging your child into our class.
    *We will only be using the Google Classroom if we switch modes of learning to Remote. All other communication will go home in individual emails, class emails, class letters and important handouts from our School Office.
    Educational Programs:
    Reading: Benchmark Advance 
    Math: Go Math
    Phonics: Phonology
    Phonemic Awareness: Heggerty
    Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tear
    Websites that may be helpful:
    Starfall-Free website -No logins needed
    XtraMath (Logins will be sent home at a later date)
    Rocket Math-(Logins will be sent home at a later date)
    Prodigy (Logins will be sent home at a later date)
    Fun Brain-Free Website-No logins needed
    Game Goo-Free No Website-No logins needed
    Freckle (Logins will be sent home at a later date)
    Go Noodle (movement, exercise activities)-Free Website-No logins needed
    Arthubforkids ( creative activities)-Free Website-No Logins needed
Last Modified on August 30, 2023