• Central Dauphin Grading Scale
    A    90-100
    B     80-89
    C     70-79
    D     60-69
    F     0-59
    Language Arts - The Houghton Mifflin reading series Journeys will be used. This includes spelling, english/grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills.
     Writer's Workshop - This involves developing ideas, paragraph writing, editing, and conferencing.  We also share written pieces with the class as time allows.  Your child is required by district policy to write several writing pieces that will be passed on to fourth grade.
    English - Skills will be addressed through reading, spelling, and writing  workshop
    Math - We are using the math series called "Go Math". The first half of the year will focus on whole number operations.  Addition/subtraction, representing/interpreting data, mulitplication, and division will all be taught in these chapters. Fractions, shapes, area/perimeter, measurement including telling time will round out the lessons for the year.
    Social Studies - we will learn about maps, graphs, charts, diagrams, communities, and the three branches of government.  The students are given a study guide to help them prepare for tests.  However, not every answer is found on the study guide.  The children will need to pay attention to lessons in order to acheive the highest score on their test.
    Science - We are using the Foss Program to teach science.  We are also switching classes for science units.  My unit is the States of Matter.  Mrs. Sheridan teaches about nutrition.  Miss Foran teaches the water/weather unit. Mrs. Kurtz will be teaching the Life Science unit. When your child is in another classroom for Science that teacher will be issuing the grades for that unit.
    Social Studies and Science grades are given only during the second and fourth marking periods.
    Handwriting - Handwriting Without Tears is the program used to teach cursive writing.  You will notice it is very plain and very close to print.  The children find this method to be easier and neater (not as messy)  than the methods used in the past.
Last Modified on August 23, 2017