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    Reading - Please make sure that your child reading on a Daily Basis.  RAH calendars will be collected at the end of each month.  Please keep track of the minutes your child reads each day. This is a great way for your child to increase their reading fluency. 
    Reading Strategies
    Use the following strategies to become a Better Reader!
    • Predict/Infer - Students will be taught how to write a Prediction that is meaningful before, and during reading.
    • Question - Students will be taught how to ask and answer questions while they are reading, they will also be taught how to answer questions which include evidence from the text to demonstrate an understanding of the text.  We will become Reading Detectives. 
    • Monitor/Clarify - Students will be taught Text Marking Symbols to help them "keep track of their reading" 
    • Summarize/Recount Stories - We will be focusing on the elements of a fictional story - Characters, Setting, Problem, Events, Solution. How do these story parts work together to create the story?  Students will be taught strategies such as the 5 Finger Retell,  Somebody Wanted, But, So, Then, and Beginning Middle and End
    • Evaluate.
    Writing Workshop
    We will begin the year with learning how to write a sentence, identifying the different types of sentences, identifying and categorizing nouns, and writing verbs in the present tense. Our  writing workshop will focus on the students writing several narratives which include characters, events, and a conclusion.  In the end, they will choose the narrative which they like the most and publish it.  We will then have fun celebrating our wonderful learning.
Last Modified on August 25, 2022