Central Dauphin School District students have available to them a program called Naviance that is designed to assist students in planning their future careers. Naviance is an easy to use web-based program that assists students and families in preparing for their college and/or career, via self-discovery assessments, goal setting, college research tools, course planning and career exploration resources. 

    CDMS Counselors are committed to guiding students as they explore the career options that will allow them to reach their full potential for a bright and successful future.  Counselors present lessons to students at each grade level to help them learn about themselves in relation to potentially good career matches for them.

    Students can access their Naviance account at any time by going to the CDSD website and:

    1. Clicking on “students” (near top right of page)
    2. Clicking on “Naviance CDMS”
    3. Login information:
      1. User name: full district email address
      2. Password: Your normal password for accessing all school technology



    Some Career Exploration Activities to explore in Naviance during the Coronavirus shut-down:


    "Career Cluster Finder"

    Not sure really sure what career you want to pursue in life?  Learn about career clusters and how they can help you find a career that is a good fit for you!  Career clusters are essentially categories of careers.  Learning which career cluster is a good match for you gives you a broad starting point and multiple career options you can explore within your best matched clusters.

    Take the “Career Cluster Finder” in Naviance to find which career clusters are the best match for you based on the activities you like to do, your personal qualities and the school subjects that you like and/or are good at.  You may take this career assessment multiple times as you change and progress through the grades at Central Dauphin.

     Students can access the “Career Cluster Finder” by:

    1. Logging onto Naviance (directions above)
    2. Clicking on “About Me”
    3. Clicking on “My Assessments”
    4. Clicking on “Career Cluster Finder”

    Your results will show you the top three career clusters that are the best match for you, based on your answers to the questions asked.  Once you get your results, click on the name of the career cluster (EX: Human Services) and it will take you to a page with information about this cluster.  This will give you an overview, employment outlook, related occupations and related majors for this cluster.  Click on some of the related occupations to help you explore career options.


     “Roadtrip Nation”

    Roadtrip Nation created videos by sending a group of recent college graduates on a road trip to interview individuals who are leaders in their field and have built their careers around their passions and interests.  The interview archive is a digital career exploration tool that enables students to discover new pathways, interests and ambitions.  The archives include more than 3,500 full-length video interviews chronicling the diverse personal stories of leaders who have turned their interests into their life’s work.

    Students can access the “Roadtrip Nation” page by:

    1. Logging onto Naviance (directions above)
    2. Clicking on “Careers”
    3. Clicking on “Roadtrip Nation”

    How to explore Roadtrip Nation:

    1. Do a personalized search by clicking the red box labeled “Find Your Road” and answering 3 questions. This will give you a list of videos that may be a good match for you.
    2. Click on “themes” and explore videos with focus on character traits/themes
    3. Click on “leaders” you’ll see a list of everyone interviewed and their occupation and where they work – click on the ones that interest you to watch their video.


     “Career Clusters”

    You tried the cluster finder a couple weeks ago to find the career clusters that may be a good match for you.  Now take some time to explore the other clusters that didn't come up in your results to see if any of them interest you.  Career clusters are a way of grouping careers with common features and skills. Careers grouped into the same cluster typically require similar education and training. Exploring clusters can be a useful way to find a good career match, especially if you have general areas of interest but are not sure what specific careers match those interests. Career clusters can also help you better understand how your coursework in school can prepare you for certain types of careers.

     You can find the list of the 16 different Career Clusters by:

    1. Logging into Naviance (directions above)
    2. Clicking on “Careers”
    3. Clicking on “Explore”
    4. Scroll to the bottom to find the list of 16 career clusters
    5. Click on them to learn more about them

    If a cluster sounds interesting to you, click on the heart icon to save it to your favorites in your portfolios for easier access later.


     “Career Interest Profiler”

     As sixth graders you completed the “Career Key” assessment which gave you your dominant Holland personality types and then used your results to show you some careers that may be a good fit for you.  The “Career Interest Profiler” also uses your Holland personality types to link you to good career matches for you.  But the results of this profiler rank the career matches into the following five job zones based on the amount of preparation needed for the job:

    1. Little or no preparation
    2. Some preparation
    3. Medium preparation
    4. Considerable preparation
    5. Extensive preparation

     More detailed definitions of the five preparation zones can be found by clicking on the dot next to that level in your career results.

     Students can access the “Career Interest Profiler” by:

    1. Logging onto Naviance (directions above)
    2. Clicking on “About Me”
    3. Clicking on “My Assessments”
    4. Clicking on “Career Interest Profiler”
    5. Answer all questions
    6. Review your results
    7. Click on “view matching careers”



     “College Exploration”

    Naviance can be a useful tool to explore college options available to you.  There are various ways you can explore to see which schools may be a good match for your needs.

    • SuperMatch College Search - This is a detailed college search that allows you to match colleges based on many different criteria. If you really aren’t sure where you should go to college, this tool can help you narrow your options
    • Advanced College search - This search uses fewer criteria to match colleges than the super match search.
    • College look-up – If you already have specific schools in mind that you want to research this search engine will help. Use the dropdown box for the follow options: search by state, country, college group, name of school.  When you select an option another dropdown box will open to help you in your search. 

    As you are exploring the colleges, be sure to click on the heart icon by the name to save any that you are considering.

    Students can access the college search features by:

    1. Logging onto Naviance (directions above)
    2. Clicking on “Colleges”
    3. Clicking on “Colleges - HOME”
    4. Clicking on “more college search options” – located under the white search box