•                                                            Welcome to Mrs. McClintick's Website!
    I am honored to service CD Middle School students whose last names fall between the letters L - Z. 
    I can be reached throughout the day via email - kmcclintick@cdschools.org or via phone at (717) 265 - 7929. 
    I can also be reached through the guidance secretary, Joslyn Leaman, a
    t (717) 540 - 4606 ext. 74331. 
    About Me:
     I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology from Wilkes University then immediately entered graduate school at Kutztown University and earned a Masters of Education degree in Elementary School Counseling.  I also completed my second Master's degree in Educational Strategies and Development through Wilkes University.  I've also earned my Secondary School Counselor certification through Millersville University. 

    How Can I Stay Organized?

    1.       Have one folder for every class. 

    2.      Write the name of each class and period on the folder.

    3.      Keep the folders in order of period.

    4.      Put your FULL name and date on each paper.

    5.      All papers should go in the SLOTS of each folder.  Do not just stick them inside.  They may fall out and get lost.

    6.      Put your papers in order of date – most recent on top.

    7.      Clean out your folder at least once a week.

    8.      Decide if you want a separate folder for your homework and items that need to stay at home.  If your folders rip, ask your counselor for a new one!  Also, attend organizational help the first and third Wednesday of the month (September through March)


    If you are absent, YOU must go to each teacher and ask what you missed.

    Check the HAC daily to ensure you have not missed any work.

    Plan out your week so you know when to study for tests or complete your projects.