How do I get someone help?
    ØDon’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about asking for help for you or a friend. When extra help is needed, it’s important to know how and where to find it!
    If you know someone who needs help dealing with something, make a referral!  Anyone can refer a friend or themselves – parents, teachers, friends, staff, or coaches.  The referral process is completely confidential.
    There are four ways to make a referral:
    Ask Mrs. Leaman, Guidance Secretary, for a “SAP Referral Form.”
    ØRequest a “SAP Referral Form” from a SAP Team Member.
    Ø“Referral Forms” are also available by the Anonymous SAP Referral Mailbox located in the front foyer of the School.

    What happens after a referral is made?
    ØThe SAP Team will gather specific information about the student through:
    • lTeacher Checklists
    • lReview of Student Records
    • lSpeaking with the student
    • lSpeaking with the parent
    ØAlso, a SAP Permission Form will be given to the student’s parent.  Parent permission is needed before a person from an outside agency, such as Keystone Children and Family Services or Dauphin County Drug and Alcohol, can provide an informal assessment for a student.

Last Modified on June 15, 2023