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    8th Grade                                                     
    U.S. History
    Green Dragons
    Welcome Green Dragons!
    We will be starting off the year with Unit 1 (Chapters 4-6) in the period between 1607-1783.  The spirit of American independence contributed to the birth of a new nation, one with a new government and a culture that was distinct from those of other countries. Far from the established rules and restrictions they had faced in their home countries, the new settlers began to make their own laws and develop their own ways of doing things.  The United States would declare its independence from Britain and would have to fight a war to get it.  A newfound independence would create the challenge of forming an independent government.  
    Questions we will explore include:
    • How can maps and globes be used to determine directions, distances, and locations?

    • Why were the colonies becoming increasingly hostile towards British rule?

    • What was the colonial response to British actions?

    •  How did key events influence the outcome of the Revolutionary War?



    Review what is below this for a great year!
    Relate to and communicate with everyone using kind words and actions.
    Arrive to class prepared with completed assignments.
    Move quietly in your designated hallway and go directly to class.
    Speak in class only when permitted.

      This is what our textbook looks like this year.  We will have a classroom set for students to use.  You can find it online by doing an internet search of The American Journey textbook.

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    There will be a Civil War project in which students will
    create a non-linear Power Point presentation on a topic
    they selected.  Details are attached below.
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