• The Marching Band is made up of brass, woodwinds, percussion, and color guard. Performances include football games, pep rallies, parades, and community events as well as several band shows. This ensemble is curricular, students receive a 0.5 credit and a grade, however most rehearsals and performances occur outside of the school day. Marching Band is open to all dedicated students grades 9‐12. The first rehearsals will be used as an audition to determine if “cuts” are necessary, however “cuts” typically only occur involving instances of behavior or attitude problems. The marching band meets in the summer and fall semester and once for a spring parade. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL REHEARSALS AND PERFORMANCES!!! The school discipline policy remains in effect at all marching band functions. Also, marching band is athletic and requires its members to be in good physical health, students will be asked to perform stretches and exercises.

Last Modified on June 12, 2013