• What is SmartMusic?

    SmartMusic is award-winning interactive music software that provides the ideal practice environment. With a subscription to SmartMusic, students have unlimited access to the world’s largest accompaniment library for all ages and skill levels, which includes thousands of pieces of music.

    How is the CD East High Music Department using SmartMusic?

    All ensembles and some classes will be using SmartMusic as an assessment tool to help students improve on an individual basis and track/record progress throughout the year.


    ents open an assignment from their teachers, which contains customized instructions for playing a particular piece of music.

    • As the music appears on the screen, they play or sing along with background accompaniment.
    • Following each performance, SmartMusic provides an immediate assessment, displaying the notes that students performed correctly in green and the notes they performed incorrectly in red or yellow.
    • Students record and listen to each performance to hear how they really sound and how their part fits within the whole.
    • When they are satisfied with their performance, they send a recording to their teacher who can assess, score, and build a portfolio to track their progress over time.
    • Students will have several Assignments per marking period.

    What does my child need?

    To use SmartMusic at home, a students need to login in to and use the login created at school. The EHS Music Department has purchased student subscriptions for the the NEW Web-based Smartmusic.  Students can access Smartmusic from any computer or laptop or tablet (not cellphone) using Chrome as a web browser. Enable any device's microphone. Students should use headphones to hear the accompaniment file so it does not interfere with the student's recorded performance.

    What about use during school?

    There are a limited number of practice rooms available with SmartMusic installed for student practice and assessment purposes.  Use during school such as during study hall or lunch, may be available provided that the student receives a pass from their ensemble director to leave the study hall or lunch period. Use during rehearsal or after school hours is at the discretion of each teacher.  Ideally, SmartMusic should be used as a practice tool on a regular basis at home and has been proven to dramatically improve student playing ability and overall musicianship skills.

    If you have additional questions, please go to or contact your child's ensemble director.
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Last Modified on September 27, 2018