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    9th Grade Exploring Technology

    This course is designed to be an introductory course into the Central Dauphin School District Technology Education program. The course is designed around the STEM education concept (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics integration). It is designed to give students a glimpse into the different areas of technology – engineering, manufacturing, digital communications, and drafting - that are offered at the high school level. Basic graphic layout, sketching, manufacturing techniques, and design fundamentals will be covered. Students may be required to pay for some of their materials for their projects. This is a half-year course.


    This course is limited to students in grade 9.

    Grading Policy/Evaluation:

    Students will be graded on equal parts of tests/quizzes, projects and computer applications. Because most of our work must be accomplished in the classroom, daily attendance and participation is extremely important. Daily participation grades will count for 25% of the marking period grade. To make up missed daily grades, see your teacher for details.


    Course Outline
    (students and parents should visit the class Canvas for specific details)
    Unit 1: Course Orientation
    Definition and Uses
    History and Evolution of Technology

    Unit 2: Engineering and Design
    Elements of Design
    Problem Solving Process

    Unit 3: Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD)
    Orthographic Projection (multiview)
    Isometric Projection
    Working Drawings

    Unit 4: Manufacturing
    Measuring Systems
    Machine Operation and Safety
    Manufacturing Techniques

    Unit 5: Digital Communications
    Graphic Design
    Computer Animation