Creative Writing
    This course is designed to provide for practice in the process of writing various forms of fiction and non-fiction. Emphasis is placed on practicing the techniques necessary to write and critique pieces of written literature. Each student will become a critical reader, writer, and editor of his or her own work, as demonstrated in the final portfolio.
    • To understand and practice the writing process daily.
    • To demonstrate proper usage of literary elements and devices.
    • To submit a final portfolio which exhibits the skills acquired.
    • To learn and examine avenues of publication for writing.
    • To critique, revise, and edit the works of others and individual work.
    • To contribute openly in classroom discussions.
    Student writing will be assessed using the following standards:
    • Organization and clarity of thought
    • Depth of thinking and observation
    • Satisfaction of project requirements
    • Writing mechanics and grammar
    • Fidelity of work (absence of plagiarized material)
    • Evidence of creative thought
    • Effective cooperative group work (when applicable)
    • Come to class prepared and ready to write, discuss, and participate
    • Late work will be acceptable ONLY in the case of excused absence- Assignments are due on the due date!
    • All pre-writing and drafting activities are mandatory- A final draft that magically appears will not be accepted for credit.
    • Bring all required items to class when necessary
    Course Details:
    Basic assignments, not limited to the following--
    • Short Stories
    • Poetry
    • One-Act Plays
    • Fairy Tale
    • Personal Writing Journal
    • Review Writing
    • Analysis, Description, Definition
    • Final Portfolio

    Word Jumbles:

     (holiday topics)


    1.  L   A  I  Y  M  F                               ___________________________________

    2.  C  U  K  A  E  T  F R I                       ___________________________________

    3.  N   A  L  E  S  D  C                           ___________________________________

    4.  T   O  E  I  S  T  L  E   M                  ___________________________________

    5.  N   E  A  C  C  A  Y  D   N                 ___________________________________

    6.  N   R  T  E  W  I                              ___________________________________

    7.  G   N  G  O  E  G                             ___________________________________

    8.  L   I  B  R Z  A D  Z                          ___________________________________

    9.  R   E  S  N  T  S  E  P                       ___________________________________

    10.  H   T  L  I  S  G                             ___________________________________

    11.  B   D  E   R   A  N  G  I   R  E  G       ___________________________________


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