• Helpful Tips for Successfully Completing Homework!

    In 2002, the United States Department of Education wrote this article to offer parents ideas of how to promote their children to positively complete their homework.  If you have time please skim through the article! Below are a few important tips to remember! Homework Article
    * A few reasons why homework is given is to review the lessons taught in class, preview an upcoming lesson, learn to use resources, and integrate different subjects and ideas into one project.
    *Students in grades 3rd through 6th can benefit from having 30 to 60 minutes of homework each night! 
    *Show that you believe education is important
    * Setup specific times and locations to complete homework
    *Remove distractions and have materials ready in order to complete homework!
    *Be interested and interesting!
    *Monitor homework- provide guidance
    * Ask about the homework policy
    * Be available
    * Look over completed assignments
    * Limit time for TV and Playing Video Games
    * Encourage good study habits!
    * Watch for Frustration
    * Give Praise!!
    * Talk with your teacher, starting early in the year!
    * Work with your teacher!
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    Last Modified on August 18, 2011