Miss Starsinic

    Algebra 2 CP



    Course Expectations:


    Come to class every day with notebooks, binder, pencils and completed homework.


    All work on tests and quizzes must be done in PENCIL.  Pencils will always be available for trade during class.


    Food, drinks, phones, ipods, mp3 players, hats, coats, etc, will not be allowed in the classroom at any time.


    Bathroom breaks will only be permitted during the last 10 minutes of class unless there is an emergency situation.


    Each student should have a 3-ring binder or notebook (1 or 1½  inch size)- the binder should have loose leaf paper or a notebook that had three hole punches to hook into the binder rings. 
    *Students are expected to keep notes, handouts, worksheets and any other chapter materials organized in the binder.  A 3-hole punch will be provided in the classroom for students to use when in class. 
    *The binder should not be emptied until the end of the marking period- students should keep the materials to study for midterm and final exams but the old chapters do not need to stay in the binder after the marking period is over.
    *Students should never remove foldables or graphic organizers from the binder. 


    Tests, quizzes and homework assignments may be made up in the case of absence in the time allowed by the school’s policy.


    Each marking period will cover 2-3 units. 


    Homework:  Check homework assigned on the Canvas agenda each night

                4points = completed homework(all problems attempted) assignment with corrections

                2 points = at least ½ completed assignment or no corrections

                0 points = assignments not turned in or incomplete

    **** Late homework will only be accepted in the case of absence from class ****
    Students should have a colored pencil or pen of a different color (red, pink, green, etc) to make corrections on the homework- corrections should not be done in pencil
    (colored pencils will be availible in class to borrow)
              Quizzes will be marked on the homework calendar.
    Quiz grades will be entered into the grade book as percentages out of 100 regardless of the actual point value.



                One test will be given for each chapter.  The grades will be entered into the grade book as a percentage out of 100 regardless of the actual point total.
    One or two days of class time will usually be reserved to review for each test.







    Grading Scale:                      A = 90-100%

                                                    B = 80-89%

                                                    C = 70-79%

                                                    D = 60-69%

                                                                   F = 59% and under



    The grade for the course is determined with the following:

                            Homework – 25%

                            Quiz/Projects- 25%

                            Tests- 50%




    Math help every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 2:50 – 3:20 pm and Monday and Wednesday before school from 7:00-7:20 am.




Last Modified on October 25, 2021