Social Studies We will learn all about communities,government, geography, and history. Grades will come from written tests and quizzes, projects, and classroom activities.
    Science- Science units this year:
     Plants and Animals 
    Solar System 
    Water and Weather
    Sound and Light

    Language Arts - In reading this year we will be working on students comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. Throughout the year we will also focus on various reading skills; compare and contrast, author's purpose, fact and opinion, drawing conclusions, sequencing, main idea and details etc.


    Handwriting - This year the students will learn how to write in cursive. This subject is graded as "S" for satisfactory or "N" for needs improvement.
    Math - This year in math we will continue to build students basic skills and concepts.  Students will learn about; rounding, estimating, adding/subtracting multi-digit numbers, number stories involving multiplication and division, fractions, etc. Please make sure that your student is practicing at home to help prepare them for these concepts in the classroom.
    Students will also be using X-Tra Math to practice their fact fluency.
Last Modified on August 25, 2019