1.      Your child will be pretested at the beginning of each new reading unit to determine his/her differentiated list for the unit.

    2.     Your child’s list will be glued into his/her assignment book with the test date written under the list.  The test dates vary according to when we finish the reading story that goes along with each list of words so please make sure to note the test date.

    3.     I do not give spelling homework IF your child scored a C or higher on the previous week’s spelling test.   If your child scores below a C, he/she will have a spelling packet for practice with the CURRENT words that is due ON THE DATE OF THE SPELLING TEST. 

    4.     A list of ways to practice spelling will be sent home with your child.  These are suggestions for parents and students who would like to use them for practice purposes.  THESE ARE NOT REQUIRED ACTIVITIES. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 
    ~ Put your words in ABC order
    ~ Put shaving cream on a baking pan.  Write your words in shaving cream.
    ~ Rainbow words - Write your words in different colors.
    ~ Write your words/have someone write your words for you in scrambled letter fashion.  Unscramble and spell correctly.
    ~ Try to use 10 of your words in a story.
    ~ Write your words in sentences.
    ~ Use magnets to build your words.
    ~ Use stencils to spell your words.
    ~ Write your words.  Highlight the vowels in one color and consonants in another.
    ~ Find ways to sort your words and write them in the correct category. 
    ~ Write your words backwards
    ~ Use stamps and stamp out our words.
    ~ Draw pictures that symbolize your words and then write your word next to the picture.
    ~ Write your words 3 times each.
    ~ Funky Letters.  Use bubble letters, squiggles, dotted lines, etc. to write your words in a funky way.
    ~ Write a letter to a friend using as many of your words as you can.
    ~ Type your words.
    ~ Search and Find - Grab a book, magazine, newspaper, etc.  See how many of your spelling words you can find.  Write down the ones that you find.
    Use these sites for more ideas:
Last Modified on July 19, 2018