Student Meal Charge Procedure



    Act 55 of 2017 made significant changes to the Public School Code. Among its amendments was a revision to Section 1337 prohibiting schools from denying a school food program meal to any student who requests one but does not have the money to pay for the meal at the time of service or in his or her meal account. Based on this change, schools may only withhold meals from a student if they receive written direction from a parent or guardian.

    Student Meal Charge Procedures:

    • Any student requesting a school meal, Breakfast or Lunch, will NOT be denied a full reimbursable meal.
    • A reimbursable meal consists of the five meal components (Meat or meat alternate, grain, fruit, vegetable, and milk.) Students MUST choose at least three meal components, one of which MUST be a fruit or vegetable.
    • Students are not permitted to charge ala carte items.
    • Parents or guardians are required to cover negative account balances incurred by their child.
    • Students having an over-drawn meal account will receive an automated telephone or email notification two times per week, typically Monday and Thursday evenings.
    • Account balance information will only be made to the parent or guardian, NOT students.
    • If students inquire about their account balance in the serving line, food service staff may comply.
    • Schools may only withhold meals from a student if they receive a written direction from a parent or guardian. Telephone notifications are not acceptable.