• Dear Parent or Guardian:

    Your son or daughter will be visiting the school library and bringing home a book he or she has checked out. Over the course of the school year, your child will learn how to select and use library materials. We will discuss responsible use of library materials and correct treatment of books.
    In order to make this a successful and an enjoyable experience for you and your child, you can help in the following ways:
       *Encourage your child to share the books with you. READ TOGETHER
       *Find your child's scheduled day for library visits and encourage them to take advantage of the library resources.
       *Remind your child to return books on time. Check and mark the due date on a calendar.
       *Have a special place to keep library books. Keep them away from possible damage by younger children and animals.
    If a book is damaged, do not attempt to repair it at home. Report the damage to the library by writing a note or making a phone call. A charge will be assessed when the book is returned to the library.
    Please be aware that district policy states that the current replacement cost for the books that are lost or damaged beyond reasonable repair will be charged and payment is expected. Thank you for your cooperation.


Last Modified on September 15, 2022