Band lessons are held once per cycle, every day 4. Students receive a 15-20 minute individual or small-group lesson.
    Each student has a card with their lesson time written down. This card should be taped to their desk in their classroom for easy reference. Please see the link at the left for a copy of the schedule.
    Upcoming Lesson Days (barring any school cancellations)
    February 27
    March 5
    March 16
    March 23
    March 30
    April 6
    (Updated 2/21/20)
    When enrolled in the band program, students are required to attend all lessons. Any missed lesson due to a scheduling conflict must be approved by Mrs. Link prior to the scheduled class. It is the student's responsibility to inform Mrs. Link BEFORE the lesson. Any missed lesson that is not approved will be an unexcused absence. When a child is absent from school, the student is still responsible for the material that was covered in the lesson. If a student does not have their instrument, the lesson will be unexcused. Students can make up unexcused absences by checking with Mrs. Link and scheduling a make-up lesson.
    It is the responsibility of each child to practice regularly at home in order to be prepared for their lesson. Please encourage your child to attend all lessons and to bring his/her instrument and music each week. 
Last Modified on February 21, 2020