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    Students in this class are enrolled in the Read 180 Universal Program. This is a double period instructional reading class. 


    This course includes the following components:

                Whole group instruction- with close reading strategies, academic vocabulary, writing, academic discussion, and reflection. 

                Small group instruction- targeted, data driven instruction unique to individual learning needs and relationship building with peers and teacher.

                Student Application- computer software that follows a personalized program with 6 zones that address building background knowledge (Explore Zone), providing texts at

                            student’s reading level with practice with fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and decoding strategies (Reading Zone), building academic vocabulary (Language Zone),

                            targeting decoding and encoding activities (Fluency Zone), guiding students through the writing process (Writing Zone), and challenging students by applying skills and

                            vocabulary in new contexts (Success Zone).

                Independent Reading- choice of content-rich texts which students can apply newly acquired vocabulary and comprehension skills.


    (paraphrased from Read180 Blended Learning Handbook - copyright 2017)


    Student progress will be monitored through software category reports and periodic assessments from whole/small group instruction, independent reading and the Reading Inventory.
Last Modified on September 20, 2017