• Food Waste Project Steps
    Step 1. Between______ and _______ complete the Food Waste Activity Sheet. Did you lose it? Print another one: Cafeteria Waste Activity Sheet 
    Step 2. Want to see more of the Argument Writing PowerPoint? Look here: Argument Essay PowerPoint 
    Step 3. Were you absent or do you need to watch the Ted Talk again to complete the worksheet? Here's the link: Ted Talk
    Did you lose the accompanying worksheet? Here it is: Why Not Eat Insects?
    Did you lose your Essay Evaluation Sheet? Here it is: Argument Map 
    Step 4. In the computer lab with your partners read the following articles and complete the worksheets. You BOTH need to do your own sheets, and be thorough with the sheets, you will use the information on the sheet to write your essay.
    Article #2. Waste Not, Want Not.  
    If you lost your worksheet you can download and print a copy here:  Food Waste Research Guide
    Step 5. To create your own essay chart, click here. You will use this for your final essay.  
              At least one of your facts/examples needs to be a direct quote from a source. You need to use an internal citation in the proper MLA style. 
              Your paper will need to include a Works Cited page containing all the sources you used for your paper. 
    Transitions Pink Paper- Important Pink Writing Paper that you may have lost!  
Last Modified on June 10, 2019