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    PSSA TIME !!!
              It's that time of the year where children all over the state are using sharp number 2 pencils and filling in bubbles.  It's also that time of the year where teacher's are gearing up and hoping their students are ready to showcase all of the hard work put in throughout the year. 
         Testing time can be stressful.  Here are a few tips to help.
    - Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep during the testing week.  To help with this, I will not be giving homework.  This will hopefully ease busy schedules and help kids get to bed at a decent time.
    - Make sure your child has a healthy breakfast.
    - Make sure your child has a healthy attitude.  Emphasize the importance of doing your best, reading questions and passages carefully, etc.  However, use caution.  Yes, we want the students to perform well, but we also don't want them stressed out to the max.  Remind students that this is only a few tests.  Their overall performance each and every day in the classroom is also used to help determine placement and programs for the future.  Tell your child that if he/she works slowly and carefully, does his/her best work, and has a good attitude, he/she will do a fine job.  Also, reiterate that this test does NOT determine if they move on to 4th grade.  Many students have this misconception. 
    - Finally, our class is doing a few things to make the testing days a bit more appealing...  We will have a small celebration at the end of each testing day.  If you are willing to donate a snack for the class, please contact me ASAP.   I would also like to start the test week off with a card from someone special wishing each student good luck.  I would greatly appreciate your help with this as well.  Please send in a card wishing your child luck, sending positive messages, etc. I will send a reminder via Class Tag.  I would like to have a card on each desk on the first day of testing. 
    Follow the link below for more helpful PSSA prep. information for parents:


Last Modified on March 5, 2020