• Monsters

     Dear 5th Grader,                  

    Welcome to 5th Grade!  My name is Mrs. Germaine and I am REALLY looking forward to meeting you! I am SO excited to be your 5th Grade Teacher. I hope you had a wonderful summer and can’t wait to learn all about you. I promise this school year will be your best year ever! I used to teach 3rd and 5th grade at Paxtonia Elementary, but I so excited to join the Mountain View family. I’ve heard some pretty amazing activities we’ll be doing in 5th grade this school year. We love to have big learning events like Shark Tank, Poetry Café, and the Creativity Fair. So I’m just as excited and nervous to start 5th grade with you!  

    The 5th grade teachers work as a team and each student will have all three of us every day. I focus on primarily teaching Math, but this year I am teaching ALL subjects! I enjoy teaching all subjects, but I’m definitely excited to share my love of Math with you. Some other bits of information about me include that I’m an avid fan of Pixar movies, especially Monsters Inc. You’ll notice that the moment you step foot in my classroom. I also love Penn State, reading, and laughing and having a good time. It is a rare day when I’m not smiling!  


    Our Special Schedule:            

    Day 1: Art            

    Day 2: Music            

    Day 3: Phys. Ed (Wear sneakers!)            

    Day 4: Library            

    Day 5: Computer  


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