• North Side Elementary School has adopted a school-wide approach to discipline known as Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS).


    PBIS promotes strategies intended to change the focus of our school’s disciplinary efforts toward positive reinforcement of desired student behaviors.  In addition to the traditional consequences for inappropriate behavior, our staff believes that positive behavior should be rewarded as a way to help create intrinsic motivation in students to make positive choices.


    Some of our school wide positive behavior supports include:


    HIGH 5s


    Clip Charts

    Classroom Rewards


    At the beginning of the year, students are taught and practice our school rules. These rules are enforced throughout the building (classroom, bathroom, cafeteria, playground, hallway, bus, etc.) and are reviewed and practiced throughout the year.

    Our school rules fall under 5 key character qualities:


    1. Responsible

    2. Respectful

    3. Safe

    4. Prepared

    5. Kind


    If you have any questions about PBIS or the High 5 Character Qualities, let us know!