• Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: I have a gym note from my parent. What do I do with it?
    A: Gym notes from PARENTS go directly to your gym teacher.
    Q: My doctor gave me a gym note.  Who should I give it to?
    A: Gym notes from DOCTORS should be submitted directly to the nurses' office.
    Q: I injured myself over the weekend and am on crutches. How do I get an elevator pass?
    A:  The nurses' office can issue an elevator pass in accordance with your doctor's guidelines. We will also give you a pass for extended time between classes if needed.
    Q:  I got a concussion in football and my doctor told me I can't take any tests this week. What do I do?
    A:  A doctor's note will be required outlining any accommodations you need. Please submit this to guidance. If you need any physical accommodations (such as no gym or modified gym) please have your doctor forward a note to  the nurses' office.
    Q:  I want to carry a water bottle in school but I hear we need a note. Is this true?
    A:  Yes. In order to carry a water bottle, you need a doctor's order. However unlike medication orders, you only need to get this order once. In other words, one doctor's order will be good for all your high school years.
    Q:  I have 7th period lunch and I can't go that long without eating due to a blood sugar issue. Can I get my lunch changed?
    A:  Typically we do not allow for lunch changes; however, with a doctor's order for snacks, you can stop down between classes or during your study hall to eat something. That way you can avoid being late for class.  You must provide the snacks.
    Q:  I had a sports physical this year. Does this count for my 11th grade physical?
    A:  Yes. Sports physicals and driver's license physicals count for your 11th grade physical if it was completed anytime after the first day of your 10th grade year.
    Q:  A friend of mine is being bullied during school.  What can I do for her?
    A:  Alert a trusted adult and complete a bullying form. Bullying forms can be found in the following locations: guidance office, nurses' office, main office, and online (https://www.cdschools.org/cms/Workspace/Section/Section.aspx?DomainId=138). Submit the form to Mrs. Neidig in the front office. Bullying forms may be submitted anonymously.
    Q:  I need to talk to someone about personal information. Where can I go?
    A:  Feel free to stop in the nurses' office, the guidance office, or seek out any SAP (Student Assistance Program) member. SAP members are designated by the Ram stickers on their doors.
    Q:  Is it true you can't even give me Tylenol for a headache?
    A:  Yes. We require a doctor's order and parent permission to give ANY medication. This includes over-the-counter medication, even Tylenol.
    Q:  May I carry cough drops?
    A:  Yes.
Last Modified on July 19, 2014