Central Dauphin School District Art Department Goals:
    We want to:
    * Be willing and open-minded
    * Have a strong work ethic
    * Be supportive of the local art community
    * Appreciate all art forms
    * Be able to respond maturely to others' and personal works of art through responsible critique and discussion
    * Explore and experiment with varied processes, techniques, and media through traditional subject matter and observation
    * Grow and mature artistically, expanding on your personal strengths and preferences while exploring beyond your "comfort zone" to promote further thought, expression, and growth
    * Understand abstraction, the process of getting to abstraction (with observation as the source), and using abstraction as a means of expression
    * Create content and meaning in artwork
    * Understand the elements and principles of art, how to apply them to artwork, and how to use them to articulate thoughts about art during critiques and discussion
                                                                                   alissa faces