A. Judd            



    3 Dimensional Art III

    Course Outline

    Mr. Bricker


    Three Dimensional Art III: The focus of this course is the creative process, with opportunities for individualized concentrations.  Students will utilize a variety of artistic techniques, including carving, assembling, casting, and modeling (amongst others), as well as a collection of tools and media to create three dimensional works of art.  The building of a three dimensional artist’s portfolio is also required (physical and digital).  Much focus will be placed on individual RESEARCH, THOUGHT, and ARTISTIC CONCEPTS.  Students will be expected to conceive, explain, and defend their artistic decisions and constructions.


    Course Requirements


    Sketchbook/Journal: Should contain brainstormed lists, sketches, and ideas, as well as artist influences and artwork related to a specified theme, and reaction and personal commentary on classroom discussions and experiences.  While this component will not be “due” as it was in previous Intro to Art, D+P, and 3-D art courses, students should be in the habit of choosing to keep a journal as a means of improving their personal works and recording their artistic journeys.   


    Assignments: Must be submitted on time and must be COMPLETE (all components)!


    Course text (resources): Various authors, photographers, and artists from periodicals and the web, as well as numerous artists, literary, and popular culture sources


    Portfolio: Students will create both a physical and digital portfolio of their personal works.