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    Photography II

    Course Outline

    Mr. Bricker


    Photography II is a course designed for students who have completed and excelled in the Photography I course offered at Central Dauphin High School.  In addition to building on the principles and techniques learned previously, students will explore a variety of photographic formats, concepts, and ideas.  A focus will be placed on individual progress, thoughts, and ideas.  In addition, there will be an emphasis on problem-solving and independent creative development.  Curriculum topics will include alternate photographic processes, thematic imagery, series development, and portfolio development.  A 35 mm camera (manual settings), a digital camera, a lab fee, printing of digital prints outside of the classroom, and the purchase of some frames and matting are required for participation in this course. 


    Course Requirements


    Notebook (Binder): Must be organized and neat and should include the following: All handouts, class notes, negatives (in sleeves), contact sheets, test prints, film exposure sheets, and enlargements


    Creative Journal: Should contain brainstormed lists, sketches, and ideas, as well as photographs and artwork related to a specified theme, and reaction and personal commentary on classroom discussions and experiences.  While this component will not be “due” as often as it was in Photo I, students should be in the habit of choosing to keep a journal as a means of improving their personal works and recording their artistic journeys.   


    Photographic Assignments: Must be submitted on time and must be COMPLETE (all components)!


    Course text (resources): Various authors and photographers from periodicals and the web, as well as numerous artists, literary, and popular culture sources


    Portfolio: Students will create both a physical and digital portfolio of their personal works.


    Additional Notes


    It is my honor to be teaching Photography II once again.  Due to both the interest in, and the quality of, work from Photo I, we are able to provide this much more ‘involved’ course.  Students will be expected to consistently complete assignments and to work independently both on location and within the photo lab, as well as assisting beginning level students when necessary.


    Additional lab hours will be available during study halls and upon request.



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