• reading How can you help your child become a life-long reader?


    Research shows time after time how important family involvement is in building lifelong readers. The activities you do at home have an enormous impact on your child’s success at school. What routines can you do at home? Here are some ideas!



    ü Reading Everyday Show your child how important reading is in daily life. Read a newspaper article out loud, read the recipe when baking a cake, read the directions when assembling a toy or downloading a computer game, etc. Just make a point to show how necessary reading is everyday. Reading a book aloud as a family is always encouraged! Such time allows your child to see and hear good reading skills being modeled. They also discover just how fun reading can be!
    ü Keep Them Interested -The more kids read, the more their reading skills improve. But, the challenge for most parents is how to get and keep their child reading. Literacy experts agree that the best way to incite a child to read is by exposing him to books and articles that relate to his interests. So if your child is interested in sports, hand him the sports page at the breakfast table. If it"s outdoors, subscribe to a magazine for kids such as Ranger Rick. If it"s current eventss, read him a short article from the newspaper then discuss it. No matter where your child"s interests lie, there is reading material that ties to it.
    ü Completing Homework Have your child choose the best time to do his/her homework. Then stick to that everyday. Before you know it, it     will become a routine.
    ü Finding a Place for Homework – Find an area that is free from distractions that your child can complete his/her homework. Have supplies readily available so no time is wasted.
    ü Planning for Long Term Tests and Projects – Show your child how to study or gather information a little bit each night when planning for tests or projects that are weeks away.

    ü Getting Organized – Check your child’s planner. Make sure it is being used properly. Get into the routine of having your child pack his/her backpack the night before so there is no last minute rushing in the morning.

Last Modified on September 7, 2023