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    Turnitin.com is an educator's tool used to eliminate the threat of plagiarism. In a digital world where a stolen, bought, or borrowed paper is just a cut and paste away, turnitin.com is invaluable asset in the war against cheaters. Ok, so maybe that was a little over the top, but seriously, it is a wonderful way to ensure everyone does their own work. Turnitin.com checks your papers against a database of over 130 million student papers and 13.5 billion websites. Let me say that again:

    130+ million student papers
    823,414 active instructors
    19 million students under license
    13.5+ billion web pages indexed
    90,000+ journals, periodicals & books
    9,500+ educational institutions worldwide

    One Comprehensive Solution for Evaluating Written Work




    This is a plagiarism website which will check documents for authenticity. The following instructions will allow you to submit your work to turnitin.com.


    If you click the link on this page it will take you to the homepage

    *  Select New User and follow the instructions

    *  The listed information will be helpful


    All classes will use the enrollment password:  eagles

    *  Once you've completed the profile "wizard", it will automatically take you to the class you've enrolled in

    *  Click on your class (Period ?) and submit your work for the specific assignment by clicking on the icon

    *  It should automatically recognize your name, type in the assignment title and click browse to find your essay (file)

    *  Double check the uploaded file to make sure it is the "final draft" and click submit

    *  It should give you a Paper ID #, but you can simply hit print as your proof of submission

    *  Finally, if you click on the portfolio icon it will display the % of plagiarism


    After the initial profile setup, any future essays, poems, papers, etc. can be submitted by logging in under the email address you originally submitted and your individual password, so please store this information for future use.