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    Britcher's Best Bets
    Below you will find a collection of links to websites that I feel have valid use for research, comprehension of material, or further reading in topics of interest to my classes. Next to each section you will find a brief description. Be aware that some of these sites are good for support only. For example, do not expect to use Wikipedia or Sparknotes as a primary source.
    News Sites- Valuable links to reputable news outlets. There are hundreds of other news organizations out there; these are only the ones I use most often.
    Research tools- Places to begin preliminary research. As always, the library and the electronic journals found therein are the best tools for research. If you must use a website, be sure it is a reputable source. Stick to .edu and .gov for the highest level of reliability. Some .orgs and .nets are OK, but be careful. Any crazy person with a minimal level of internet savvy can get a .com. Just look at me! Do not assume the person writing on a .com has any authority, knowledge, of expertise of any kind.
    Wikipedia.com- A great place to get ideas, but as it is user modified (and almost anyone can change it) the level of accuracy suffers. Once you find something interesting on wikipedia, verify it with a reputable source and cite that rather than wikipedia.
    Sparknotes.com- Again, a valuable place to begin. Do not rely on sparknotes (or any other similar notes websites). They cannot replace the reading! I know several teachers, myself included, create my tests to specifically combat sparknotes cheating. Use it to assist comprehension of a text.