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    1.)   Come to class on time prepared for the day’s work (Pencils, pens, paper, etc). I do not want to be your school store.


    2.)   Stay in your assigned seat unless told otherwise.


    3.)   Raise your hand to speak when not engaged in group work or open discussion.



    4.) Respect yourself, your fellow students, and the teacher. Mutual respect is a must in my class.


    5.)   Students will be given warnings for misbehavior in the classroom, followed by a conference, a phone call home, and finally a write-up and referral to the principal. Extreme behavior problems will immediately skip the steps between.


    Expectations-           hello                  


    1.)   Be prepared to write and stand up in front of the class and speak…a lot…I mean a whole lot…really, you better be ready!


    2.)   We will read numerous novels, short stories, plays, nonfiction, and we will have quizzes and tests based on the readings and background information. Quizzes may be open note, so take good notes!


    3.)   Some reading will be done in class, but much of it will be done on your own as homework. You cannot expect to succeed without completing the reading assignments.


    4.)   We will play games as review and for extra credit. Games are a privilege that can be taken away, so do not take them for granted.


    5.) Homework and assignments are to be turned in on time. 1 day late  will result in a 50% grade drop. After two days, the grade will drop to a zero.