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Name: Nancy Lynn Schuit
Where I came from: I was born and raised in Northeast NJ. I lived in Midland Park which is about 20 miles from NY City 
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My school: I went to a small Christian school K-12 called Hawthorne Christian Academy. There were only 33 people in my graduating class!!!
Sports I played: In high school I played soccer, basketball and softball (all the sports my high school had) and in college I played basketball and softball.
How I got here: I came out to PA to go to Messiah College. I graduated from Messiah in 2000 and started teaching at CD the following fall.
I also graduated from McDaniel College in May 2004 with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science. In January 2017, I completed my Ph.D. from Northcentral University in Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine. My greatest motivation for doing this is so all of you have to call me "Dr. Schuit"! (You don't really have to though!!)  :-)
Sports I coach: I was the varsity assistant girls basketball coach my first year of teaching, I have coached the 9th grade girls basketball team, the JV girls soccer team, middle school soccer and basketball, and JV lacrosse.
Other info: I have one sister (2 years younger than me) and one brother (5 years younger than me). My family moved from NJ to Virginia Beach, VA after I graduated college and I now have 7 nieces and nephews!! Here's a link to a pic of me with 6 of them from Christmas  a few years ago: The Kids
(BTW, Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday!!)


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