• Science:

    Through the Foss Science program the students will learn important scientific concepts
    as they actively construct ideas through scientific discovery (inquiry, investigation, and analysis). Our Units of study are: Air & Weather, Balance & Motion, and Insects.
    For more details go to www.fossweb.com

    Social Studies:
    Through Harcourt Horizons About My Community, students will be introduced to basic map skills, communities, part of the Earth (continents, oceans, and land formations), our governments, life in the past and present, and people at work. The use of quality children's literature and computer activities will be integrated into these units of study.
    For more details go to www.harcourtschool.com

    We will use Here's Looking at You 2000 and the Olweus Bullying Program. We will have
    regular class meetings with an awareness of concerns and suggestions to make our class community safe and fun. Students will learn about feelings, personal health (nutrition, dental health, exercise, and taking care of their body) and safety (inside, fire, outside, bicycle, pedestrian, and bus).
Last Modified on September 8, 2014