• Homework Information
    *Students write in district provided homework books DAILY in school, these will be brought home in their homework folders each night with any sheets or notes they will need to complete and bring back to school.
    It is my goal to guide your children to learn and practice solid routines for being accountable and responsible for getting their own homework copied, brought home, and returned to school the next day. If your child should forget to copy homework or bring home their necessary materials please treat this a teachable learning experience to reinforce responsible habits/behaviors.
    *If your child is absent there are a number of options available to you since they will not have needed homework materials:
       1. Call the school and request assignments to be picked up by parent at the end of the day.
       2. Call the school and request assignments and name of another student work should be sent with.
       3. Allow child to recover from illness and recieve work upon their return to school.
    Homework should be completed in the Spelling notebook supplied.  Inside the notebook is also an overview of possible homework activities.  An activity will be assigned Monday-Thursday.  Your child's spelling list and homework assignment can be found in their planner.
    There is a Math Lesson assigned on almost every night (Except Fridays and Test Days Typically.)
    Thank you for your support with homework, and for checking the homework folders as well as the district provided assignment books that we spend time each day writing assigments in. If you have any questions/concerns please contact me directly.
Last Modified on September 8, 2014