• English Department Grading Protocol

    • The assessment category is worth 40% of a student's overall grade.
    • Assessments typically include presentations, essays, tests, and final projects/performance tasks.
    • The late work policy for assessments is as follows.
      • If an assignment is submitted late, the student will receive a penalty of 10% per day.
      • After three days, no late work will be accepted unless it is a performance task in the assessment category. Performance tasks in the assessment category will be accepted up to five days late.
      • Late work for absentees will follow district guidelines.
    • No extra credit is permitted in this category.
    • The Quiz category is worth 35% of a student's overall grade.
    • This category includes formative assessments and quizzes on plot knowledge, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.
    • Please see district policy in regard to absences.
    • The Classwork/Homework category is worth 25% of a student's overall grade.
    • In my class, the Classwork category will include both homework, classwork, and class participation.
      • In HAC, a homework assignment will be preceded by HW, a classwork assignment will be preceded by CW, and class participation will be preceded by CP. In my class, the difference between classwork and class participation is that classwork is a graded assignment (typically independent) that is completed entirely in class. Class participation will include contributing to discussions, practicing speaking skills in front of the class, and similar activities. 
      • If you would like to see upcoming homework assignments, request parent access to Canvas.
    • I typically do not accept late homework or classwork.
    • No extra credit is permitted in this category.
    Commonly Used Gradebook Codes
    • A: Absent (Calculated as a Zero)
    • ANC: Absent Needs Completed (Not Calculated as a Zero)
    • H: Handed In/Not Yet Graded (Not Calculated as a Zero)
    • NHI: Not Handed In (Calculated as a Zero)



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