• How to write an ARTIST STATEMENT:




    1.     Brainstorm (Prewrite) on the following:

    a.     Your idea…why you chose your subject matter

    b.     Experimentation in sketchbook that led to final media selection; Artist and Movement influences

    c.      Problems encountered/Successes achieved/Decisions made

    d.     All media used

    e.     Overall appeal/final result of finished piece(s)

    2.     Taking from the above, write a clear and concise “statement” that defines and defends what you were trying to achieve (convey/experiment with/study/explore…) with creating your work.  Someone new to viewing your work should be able to clearly understand your intention, process and accomplishments gained by creating these pieces.

    3.     Must be typed and presented in a professional format.








    Kristin A.  Livelsberger

    Acrylic on Canvas



    As a gardener, I naturally have an affinity towards nature and plants.  My garden houses a large collection of hostas.  I am fascinated by the swirls and curves that appear as they begin to unfold themselves in the springtime.  Previous work of mine was based on the emotional symbolism of “swirls” making the continued use of them apropos in this series.  I originally experimented with watercolor in my studies, but felt more connected to using acrylics on canvas in all the pieces.  I created unity within the collection by incorporating a variety of cool greens into cropped compositions.




    Copyright K. Livelsberger