Bullying and Safety Hotlines

  • Safety Tips

    To and from school:
    • Walk with a parent/guardian or friends
    • Stay away from strangers and especially strangers in vehicles
    • Cross streets at a light or crosswalk
    • Choose a safe and designated route to a school – safe corridor
    • When riding the bus, stay seated and act mature.
    • Be aware of everything and everyone near you 
    Parent Information
    Safety Tips for Parents
    • Have your child fingerprinted
    • Keep a recent photograph of your child
    • Show your child how to dial 911 and from where
    • Provide your child's school with current emergency information
    • Check your child's route to and from school and show your child where fire and police stations are located.
    • Make sure your child knows his or her full name, address, and phone number
    • Make sure your child knows how to stay away from strangers and to yell for help if approached.
    • Test your children occasionally to see if they remember the Safety Tip information you have taught them.
    • Please help us keep your schools safe.