• Absences: Excused and Unexcused

          Parents are encouraged to call the school office when their child will be absent from school.


          Excused: absence includes the absence of a pupil for any one of the following reasons: illness, quarantine, death in immediate family 


          Unexcused: absence is the absence of a pupil for any reason other than those classified above 

          After three (3) days of unexcused/unlawful absence, a three (3) day notice is served on the parents. This constitutes a first offense. After the first offense any half (.5)days or more constitutes an additional offense. If additional offenses occur, the parent or guardian is subject to a fine or imprisonment in accordance with the compulsory attendance laws of Pennsylvania. An accumulation of unexcused/unlawful absences may also result in other measures.  





    Unexcused/Unlawful Absences:

         An unexcused/unlawful absence is defined as being absent from school for any reason or leaving school without permission, not constituting reasonable cause, or failure to submit an acceptable note in a timely manner.


    Students who are absent from school are required upon their return to school to submit a written note from their parent/guardian within three (3) school days. Notes submitted within the three (3) days for the approved causes for the absence as specified by this policy will permit the student to make up work missed during the absence. Notes submitted after the three (3) days, not submitted at all, or not for for the approved cause for the absence as specified by this policy will be recorded as an unexcused/unlawful absence and will prohibit the student from receiving credit for any missed work. Absence notes must be submitted according to the established method for turning in notes to the office each morning. 



    Pupils Moving within the District:  

          Pupils whose parents move from one attendance area to another within the district will be permitted to finish the school year in which the move takes place in the building to which they were originally assigned. If in the following year the student would be in the highest grade in the building, he/she would be permitted to remain for that one additonal year. Parents would be responsible for providing transportation. 




          Parents or legal guardians may register a child. Registration is completed in the Administration Building, central registration office. Parents legal/guardians are required to furnish a birth certificate, immunization records and a copy of their real estate tax bill or lease as proof of residence. Parents/legal guardians moving into the district after July 1 may substitute a copy of their rental lease or residential deed for the tax bill. 


    Homebound Instruction: 

          In the event your child needs to be out of school because of illness or physical incapacitation for an extended period (20 consecutive school days), arrangements can be made for homebound instruction at no expense to the parents. Instruction will only be provided for those subjects required for graduation and/or promotion. Homebound instruction is only provided on the favorable recommendation of the attending physician. Students requesting homebound instruction for more than four (4) consecutive weeks are required to submit an additional request from the attending physician. the maximum hours of homebound instruction are five hours/week 

    The doctor's note requesting homebound instruction should include the following:

    1. Request for Homebound Instruction

    2. The medical reason for which the request is being made

    3. The length of time the instruction will be needed - it must be a minimum of four weeks