Team Meeting Times & Information


    6th Aqua   Meet 8th period     Best time to call is 1:01-1:44 (leave a msg)

    Mr. Umberger   ex 73129  

    Mr. Albert     ext 73125

    Mrs. Brinton     ext 73127

    Ms Fine       ext 73117

    Mrs. Hopkins     ext 73119

    Mr. Davies        ext 73123


    6th Orange   Meet 1st period      Best time to call is  7:50-8:30 (leave a msg)

    Mr. Fisher       ext 73128

    Mr. Rothrock   ext 73130

    Mrs. Thornburg     ext 73126

    Mrs. Byers    ext 73115

    Mr. Ferguson     ext 73131


    7th Gold   Meet 2nd period      Best time to call is 8:33-9:16 (leave a msg)

    Mrs. Helder      ext 73213

    Mr. Reichard   ext 73114

    Mrs. Barone      ext 73211

    Mr. Bobb     ext 73217

    Mr. Paradine   ext 73209

    Mr. Stiles   ext 73215


    7th Red   Meet 6th period      Best time to call is 11:29-12:12 (leave a msg)

    Mrs. Ludlow      ext 73214

    Mr. Grubb      ext 73218

    Mrs. Thorwart     ext 73216

    Mrs. Davis         ext 73210

    Miss Whitley    ext 73208


    8th Purple   Meet 3rd period     Best time to call is 9:19-10:02 (leave a msg)

    Mrs. Scudder   ext 73202

    Mrs. Kingsborough   ext 73102

    Mr. Roma         ext 73204

    Miss Newcomb   ext 73200

    Mr. Dunmire     ext 73206


    8th Blue   Meet 4th period      Best time to call is 10:05-10:48 (leave a msg)

    Mr. Clark       ext 73207

    Mrs. Hetrick     ext 73205

    Mr. Mccullough    ext 73203

    Mr. Lapore       ext 73104

    Mrs. Pulaski            ext 73201