• School Safety 

    As part of our safety and security procedures, all outside doors remain locked at all times.  Anyone visiting the school during the day must ring the door bell at the front of the school, identify themselves, and be let in by school office personnel.  All visitors must sign in and wear a visitor's badge while visiting the school.  Classroom doors remain closed and locked throughout the school day as well.
    Once a month, the entire school participates in a fire drill and an intruder drill to ensure our preparedness should an emergency situation arise.  Students and staff practice weather drills throughout the school year as well.
    CDSD Weapons Policy 

     As administrators, the principals of each elementary school meet monthly to discuss instructional and safety issues.  During a recent principals’ meeting, the topic of the “weapons policy” was reviewed.  A violation of this policy by a student is quite serious.  The consequences are immediate and harsh.  Disciplinary action will result in an immediate out-of-school suspension and police notification.  The Superintendent and Board will receive an incident report about each offense.  All offenses are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  A one year expulsion may be imposed unless modified by the Superintendent, with the Board having final approval of the suggested modification.


                Therefore, it is extremely important that we work together to prevent violations of this policy.  Students must be aware that possession of a weapon, whether in a backpack, coat pocket, or on their person, constitutes a violation.  Please check your child’s backpack and clothing on a regular basis as a preventative measure.


                Thank you for keeping our school safe and helping our students focus on being “Lawnton Learners”!