• Response to Intervention and Instruction
     Response to Intervention and Instruction (RTII) is an early intervening support process where the goal is to improve student achievement using research based interventions matched to the instructional need and level of the student.
    Lawnton Elementary School has an RTII Team that meets on cycle day 3.  This team meets to discuss the needs and progress of individual students.
    Members of the RTII Team
    Mrs. Bruno, Principal
    Ms. Benshoof, School Psychologist 
    Mrs. Hamilton, Guidance Counselor
    Mrs. Stinson, Intervention Specialist
    Mrs. Radic, Reading Specialist
    Mrs. Hatfield, Learning Support Teacher
    Mrs. McAnulty, Speech/Language Pathologist
    Mrs. Wheeler, Speech/Language Pathologist
    Mrs. King, Occupational Therapist
    Mrs. Winski, District Behavior Consultant
    Miss Dauksha, Tier 2 Behavior Coach