Google classroom codes:  
    • Drawing & Painting I:  641f4d
    • Drawing & Painting II:  ukelyv
    • Visual Journaling:  xyewguj
    Art Program Goals:
    We want our students to:
    • Be willing and open minded
    • Appreciate all art forms
    • Have a strong work-ethic
    • Be supportive of the local art community
    • Be able to respond maturely to their own art and that of others through responsible critique and discussion
    • Explore and experiment with varied processes, techniques and media through traditional subject matter and observation
    • Grow and mature artistically, expanding on their personal strengths and preferences while exploring beyond their "comfort zone" to promote further thought, expression and growth
    • Understand abstraction, the process of getting to abstraction (with observation as the source), and using abstraction as a means of expression
    • Create content and meaning in your artwork
    • Understand the elements and principles of art, how to apply them to their artwork and how to use them to articulate your thoughts about art during critiques and discussion
Last Modified on September 20, 2017