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    This course is a foundation for those who are interested in the creation of fine art. Students will be introduced to a variety of media throughout the course of the year. Each unit focuses on the creation of "series work". A "series" includes more than one piece of art on the same theme which allows for student growth. From this, students begin to understand how to unify a body of work which is important in developing content in their artwork.
    Drawing and Painting I students are required to keep a sketchbook which will serve as a constant resource from which to work. Sketchbook assignments are given weekly.  (Click on sketchbook link below). Students are also encouraged to attend gallery openings and visit art museums in the area in order to experience the arts community and see what contemporary artists are creating. Although is this is highly encouraged, this is not a requirement at this level.
    Below is an outline of the school year and what is expected from the students.
       Preliminary Studies:   Preliminary studies will be done as the part of most units.  These serve as a platform for students to investigate a variety of compositions before committing to a final piece to turn in.  They are a good indication of student strengths and needs.  The purpose is to track growth, practice and build on successes before completing final projects.
       Projects:  Projects will be based on observation of a variety of subjects which may include:  Still Life, landscape, room interiors, self-portrait, and figure.  Students will also work with abstraction (based on observation).  Students will use varied media (charcoal, watercolor, conte, pastel, acrylic paint, colored pencil and mixed media) throughout the course with a focus on experimentation, building on individual strengths and successes, and creative thought.

    VII.   Sketchbook
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